My Hometheater aka. Living room
maybe one day my set up will be half as good as this one
amazing Smile
Thanks, gonna change my X4000 to a Marantz AV8801 in the next days...and still waiting for my rack.. Sad

edit. Just bought the AV8801 yesterday...cant wait to get the stuff running Big Grin

I am kind of wicked jealous of that couch.
Looking at your setup makes me want to cry. I hope mine will look half as good one day. Awesome job!
Brevity should never equate to rudeness.
It's Amazing :o
Thanks Smile

The whole System is undergoing a major upgrade right now..
Still waiting for my new rack to appear to get everything setup and done..its the last thing missing right now Sad

But look what showed up new Subwoofer since the old ones will be gone with the old rack Smile

Its a XTZ Cinema 3X12, heres a pic right after getting it into the room...quite heavy.. Big Grin
Here´s a link to XTZ hp if anyone is interested in specs Smile

I don't care about your Kodi setup, I'm sorry, but it's just entirely glossed over by that amazing couch. My god do I want that couch. D:
Although it cost us an arm and a leg i still think that the Couch was worth every penny,
we are using it everyday and its just the most comfortable couch i´ve every sat in.
Bretz just released a new Style Couch called Ocean that i too like very much..maybe for the upcoming House.. ? Smile

Here another pic with the endposition ( if Antimode can make it work) of the Sub right now, only spot in the room where
it isnt just "IN UR FACE" :p


And finally after months of waiting, first impressions of my new Rack that gets build right now Smile

I saw the review of that sub on av forums, it's a serious bit of kit.

How much difference did it make going from the smaller speakers to the floor standers. Prefer the understated look of the smaller speakers I think, but I think you get used to stuff quite easily and want the next upgrade. Front heights are neat, I imagine they add quite a lot to the set up. Any Atmos/DTSX plans?
The Teufel Set was the best fit for the room, i agree with you on that...problem is that my room is just way too small for all the equipment i´m
horting in it Big Grin

I did like Elac Speakers ever since i know them, look & sound wise, it made a big improvment over the Teufels esp. for Stereo listening,
but i cant really describe this in english sorry Big Grin (I am from AT)

Front High are IMO a MUST with big prjektion screens Smile

No plans for Atmos/DTS:X/AURO right now or in the near future, since i am german there is only a handful of movie´s with native 7.1 track right now and that has been out for years and if u consider just the good sampled ones the amount is even fewer..

IMO it will take years until there will be a good amount of 3D-Sound Br´s on the market and beside i still want to wait and see who will win the format war (My guess is DTS:X)
before jumping on one of those three..that why i bought an "old" AV8801 Smile

Only thing that i´d maybe do would swap the dipols for direct speakers as surrounds and use the Dipols as Back Surround Smile
You need a theater room! That 3x12 doesn't appear to be available in the USA. Is that what you need the external amps for?
Nope, the Sub has a built in claridy Amp with 3 seperate 500w RMS per woofer units.
All those primare amps are for the Main Speakers & Surrounds.

Welding of the rack is done, now i just need the glass to appear and get cut Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin


Here is a pic of what it should look like in the end Smile

Its coming together (slowly) hope it will be done this week..

Awesome, love a good custom rack!

What company are you using to make it?

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