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Release Video Explorer Critical Bug Fixes

Thanks for the update!

I have another request. The 'Duration' and 'File Size' columns both sort by alpha-string, can you make them sort by their properties (i.e. Duration.Seconds, File.Length)?

Many Thanks,

Interesting one.

I'm not sure if I have direct control over the sorting mechanism on the grids, I'll go take a look. But if I don't, I can just introduce 2 new columns that are the integer derivations of the current string columns.

Good suggestion, I'll take a look today hopefully.
v2.0.0.8 - Released

1. Improved the Export to CSV feature on the main grid. All string values are now wrapped in inverted commas when they are exported. This stops Excel from interpreting commas that are part of string value as column separators.

Also added an empty line below the header row to make it easier to see the headers separate from the data.

2. BY REQUEST (ChuckYeager - XBMC Forums) - Added new columns to the grids as follows:

DurationInSeconds (INTEGER value) - Will appear on the Main grid, the Video stream grid, the Audio Stream grid and the Subtitle grid.

FileSizeMegabytes (DECIMAL value) - Will appear on the Main grid.

Both of those columns are proper numeric representations of their STRING value counterparts.

The advantage of this is that you can now do a proper numeric sort on either of those columns.

NB: These changes should NOT require any existing Object Cache to be cleared and I have not turned on the setting to force clear the cache for this release. I have added the new properties in such at way that the deserializer should be able to load old cached objects without issue AND the new values should appear correctly.

IF you have ANY issues after updating, please manually clear your Object Cache from the right click menu on the Main grid so that VideoExplorer is forced to re-cache every movie using the new class definitions.

3. Made some improvements to the event handlers registered to the Selection Changed events of the Main Grid and the CoverFlow control. There was some unnecessary work being done when navigating between movies because the event handlers were getting registered more than once sometimes and therefore firing twice where they only needed to fire once. This should speed up the response of the application and the UI in general.

Thanks for adding the sortable column features. I tried the new version ( and it looks like something in my library is causing the application to crash, specifically when casting into a double:

System.Reflection.TargetInvocationException: Property accessor 'FileSizeMegabytes' on object 'MediaInfoLib.BindingMovieInfo' threw the following exception:'Input string was not in a correct format.' ---> System.FormatException: Input string was not in a correct format.
   at System.Number.ParseDouble(String value, NumberStyles options, NumberFormatInfo numfmt)
   at MediaInfoLib.MediaContainerInfo.get_FileSizeMegabytes()
   --- End of inner exception stack trace ---

A TryParse method might help validate the input to avoid the exception. Not quite sure where the issue lies in my library, hope the next build and can ignore (and log) the problem file.

Many Thanks,

That's very interesting. I have a massive library and not one of my files caused this during all of my testing.

I also wrote that code in a way that should mean that this shouldn't actually be possible because I use Regular Expression to parse the strings first and I don't even attempt to convert to double unless the parsing was successful.

I wonder if it had something to do with regional settings and commas in the numbers instead of full stops ?

I'll have another good look at the code and throw some extra logging in there if possible.

I've just released with improved handling for the conversions.

There is an outside chance it may still throw an exception, but if it does that now it will throw a custom formatted exception containing the file name that caused it and the STRING value that it was attempting to convert.

If it does NOT throw exceptions anymore, it will mean that it has set the FileSizeMegabytes value of troublesome files to zero.

If you are now able to do a successful load, please sort by FileSizeMegabytes and take a look at any files with a Size of zero and then post those string values here for me so that I can analyze them and understand what is breaking my Regular Expression and parsing code.

v2.0.0.9 - Released

1. Added additional conversion checking and exception handling around File Size and Stream Size string to number conversion code for the new fields / columns added in

This should either result in the Size values being set to 0 without an exception being thrown OR, in the case of FileSize, an exception will be thrown but the exception message will be contain more useful information to help pin down the problem.
v2.0.0.10 - Released

1. More improvements done to the string to number parsing code for File and Stream size parsing and calculation.

The regular expressions being used have been updated to be more flexible with regards to number formatting but more stringent in terms of the expected string formatting coming back from MediaInfo itself.

The new version of the regular expressions will accept any size string that contains any number, integer or decimal, with various separators catered for, followed by exactly 1 space and then of the following 3 strings:

1. GiB
2. MiB
3. KiB - Support for this unit of measure is new as of this release.

Matching of those last 3 strings is Case INSENSITIVE.

The single space followed by one of the 3 unit strings after the number value MUST exist for a match to occur. They are mandatory.

Examples of acceptable strings that WILL be converted correctly are:

a. 1 004 MiB

b. 3.5 GiB

c. 456 MiB

d. 20.6 MiB(31%)

e. 300 KiB

If VideoExplorer encounters a size string that does not have one of the 3 acceptable units of measure on the end, it will set the size value to zero. This is non-negotiable because there is insufficient information available to known what unit of measure any value retrieved is actually in, so it's safer to not guess.

Please untick the "Use Info Cache" checkbox, top right, to force VideoExplorer to do a full re-analysis of your movies using the new Stream and File Size calculations.

This is particularly important if you were following my releases and installed, which may have cached objects with some values that weren't computed correctly.

By unticking the "Use Info Cache" box you are telling VideoExplorer to do a full analysis of anything it loads and to IGNORE the object cache and OVERWRITE any existing cached objects that exists for the movies you are loading while that checkbox is unticked.

This is all just while to work around the few issues with formatting of string values. After that is resolved (which it should be as of v2.0.0.10, hopefully) you can tick that box again and carry on loading from cache.

The cache is there purely to make things MUCH faster. It's nice to have and nice to use but it is not necessary.

You can untick the box, or you can right click on the main grid and select "Clear Object Cache" at any time to delete all cached objects and force VideoExplorer to do a full analysis of any movie you load from that point on.

I didn't get a chance to try but has fixed the issue. Oddly enough I don't have any files that show zero as the size, so I'm not sure it was a rouge file after all. Either way, VE loads nicely (after clearing the cache) and everything appears to be working good now.

Many Thanks,
v2.0.0.11 - Released

1. Small visual enhancements:

a. Grid rows are no longer scrolled to the top when you click a poster on the CoverFlow control if they are already visible. This stops unnecessary scrolling and is less disorienting for the user.

b. When you clear the grid now, either manually or by hitting the Refresh button, the CoverFlow control should now reset properly and the virtual camera it uses should now be moved back to the correct center point in 3D space. This resolves some weird visual effects that were happening if you cleared the grid and then loaded another set of movies.
v2.1.0.0 - Released 19/01/2014

1. Major update to the grid library. Many fixes and enhancments to grid code itself including:

a. Several fixes related to sorting. Sorting should now work better and clicking column headers should respond better.

b. Several fixes to the grid layout saving and loading.

c. Improvements to the grids response to mouse clicks.

In general, the grid control is now more stable and performs better.

2. Speed and response optimisation to the CoverFlow control. Navigation in the CoverFlow should now be very smooth without any stutter.

The loading of metdata has now been delayed until just after the CoverFlow navigates to a new cover and completes its animation and cross-thread
synchronization is used to ensure that the CoverFlow animation is not affected by metadata loading occuring while it's busy.

3. EXPORT TO EXCEL option added to the right click menu of the main grid. This is in addtion to the existing "Export To CSV" option and will
export to an XLS file.

4. Various small fixes within VE itself.
v2.1.2.1 Released - 19/01/2014

1. Drag n Drop improved - It's now possible to drop files and folders anywhere on the application including the CoverFlow control and it should load them for you.

2. Fixed a bug in the Remove Header Stripping form as reported by Werner.

3. Improved the media parser so that it rejects movies that are badly formatted where even basic movie information can't be retrieved.

Currently the following two properties MUST be returned for any movie parsed:

a. Image Size

b. Duration

If either of those properties are null or empty strings the movie will not be loaded but it will be rejected in a graceful way.

4. Improved exception handling around movie information parsing and movie metadata loading.

5. Improved the formatting of certain log entries as per request from Werner.

6. Fixed a bug on the "Remove Header Stripping" form where cancelling the remux would result in an exception error because the form was being closed too early.
v2.1.3.0 Released - 19/01/2014

1. Fixed problem with new type of checkbox on the grids where ticking and unticking the boxes was not changing the underlying values of the bound properties.

This meant that editable grids like the File Filter grid, top right, were not working properly anymore.

2. Fixed memory like in the grid checkbox class.

3. Enhanced grid code to stop putting checkbox cells into text edit mode on double click.

4. Fixed the Remuxer so that if you are remuxing from a non MKV to MKV, the new MKV file should no longer end up with a number in brackets on the end of the file name.
Any plans to support direct manipulation of an XBMC MySQL metainfo database?
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