Release Video Explorer Critical Bug Fixes
v2.0.0.6 - released

1. Added support for WMV files. The WMV extension should now appear in the FIle Filter list top right.

2. Added a WMA audio format logo to the Audio Format images introduced in

3. Videos with an image dimension of 852x480 are now recognised as 480p and the 480p logo image introduced in will show correctly for that image size.

4. It is now possible to customise the list of image files that VideoExplorer searches for when it looks for Posters and Fanart.

There are 2 new user settings in the application config file of type STRING for this.

Both of those settings expect a comma delimited list of image file names that VideoExplorer should search for.

a. ValidPosterFileNames - The default search list for this is "poster.jpg,cover.jpg,folder.jpg"

b. ValidFanartFileNames - The default search list for this is "fanart.jpg"

By changing those search lists you can control what VideoExplorer searches for when it tries to find your artwork.

VideoExplorer will search for the files in the same order that they appear in the lists. The order of appearance in the lists dictates search priority.

5. The XBMC standard file naming convention that is used when you export artwork in XBMC is now supported by VideoExplorer.

XBMC always exports posters and fanart to files named as follows:



VideoExplorer will now search for those files IF it does NOT find any of the files listed in the new ValidPosterFileNames and ValidFanartFileNames settings.

In other words, it will first try to find files with names that match any of the file names you've specified in those settings and if it did NOT find any of them, it will look for the XBMC export file names.

6. A new splitter has been added between the Search Filter area top left and the Genre Filter below it. You can now expand the Search Filter area and you can also collapse it completely.

7. Small bug fixes and enhancements to all the splitters on the screen. Some did not have hints and for some their state was not being saved properly.
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