Release Video Explorer Critical Bug Fixes
v2.0.0.8 - Released

1. Improved the Export to CSV feature on the main grid. All string values are now wrapped in inverted commas when they are exported. This stops Excel from interpreting commas that are part of string value as column separators.

Also added an empty line below the header row to make it easier to see the headers separate from the data.

2. BY REQUEST (ChuckYeager - XBMC Forums) - Added new columns to the grids as follows:

DurationInSeconds (INTEGER value) - Will appear on the Main grid, the Video stream grid, the Audio Stream grid and the Subtitle grid.

FileSizeMegabytes (DECIMAL value) - Will appear on the Main grid.

Both of those columns are proper numeric representations of their STRING value counterparts.

The advantage of this is that you can now do a proper numeric sort on either of those columns.

NB: These changes should NOT require any existing Object Cache to be cleared and I have not turned on the setting to force clear the cache for this release. I have added the new properties in such at way that the deserializer should be able to load old cached objects without issue AND the new values should appear correctly.

IF you have ANY issues after updating, please manually clear your Object Cache from the right click menu on the Main grid so that VideoExplorer is forced to re-cache every movie using the new class definitions.

3. Made some improvements to the event handlers registered to the Selection Changed events of the Main Grid and the CoverFlow control. There was some unnecessary work being done when navigating between movies because the event handlers were getting registered more than once sometimes and therefore firing twice where they only needed to fire once. This should speed up the response of the application and the UI in general.
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