Release Video Explorer Critical Bug Fixes
v2.0.0.10 - Released

1. More improvements done to the string to number parsing code for File and Stream size parsing and calculation.

The regular expressions being used have been updated to be more flexible with regards to number formatting but more stringent in terms of the expected string formatting coming back from MediaInfo itself.

The new version of the regular expressions will accept any size string that contains any number, integer or decimal, with various separators catered for, followed by exactly 1 space and then of the following 3 strings:

1. GiB
2. MiB
3. KiB - Support for this unit of measure is new as of this release.

Matching of those last 3 strings is Case INSENSITIVE.

The single space followed by one of the 3 unit strings after the number value MUST exist for a match to occur. They are mandatory.

Examples of acceptable strings that WILL be converted correctly are:

a. 1 004 MiB

b. 3.5 GiB

c. 456 MiB

d. 20.6 MiB(31%)

e. 300 KiB

If VideoExplorer encounters a size string that does not have one of the 3 acceptable units of measure on the end, it will set the size value to zero. This is non-negotiable because there is insufficient information available to known what unit of measure any value retrieved is actually in, so it's safer to not guess.
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