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No, no plans for that.

That would be moving away from the focus of the application, which is to manage the media itself, at source.

Any manipulation of the XBMC database itself, directly, would be completely out of scope for this application and I also don't believe that it's a good idea for anything to modify the XBMC database other than XBMC itself.

What I might do, however, is make the NFO file editing capabilities that I currently have far more powerful and make it possible to manipulate other parts of the NFO file.

There again though, I didn't do that to begin with because most of the information you need in the NFO files is automatically downloaded from the online databases exactly as you need it anyway.

I've allowed for editing of Genres and Movie Sets because those are the 2 things that I fould that I constantly wanted to customize myself.

I'm not sure what you would be wanting to directly manipulate in the XBMC MySQL database ?

In my opinion, you should update your NFO files at source and then refresh your movies from the NFO files in order to update the XBMC database.

I do admit, however, that XBMC doesn't currently allow for easy re-scanning of media in place and that only being able to refresh a single movie at a time is also tedious, so there is some work that needs to be done to XBMC itself to improve that too, but I do believe that should be corrected in XBMC, and not be worked around in a 3rd party app.

Hopefully XBMC v13 is going to introduce some improvements to re-scanning of media in place and batch refreshing of movies.
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