Release Video Explorer Critical Bug Fixes
v2.1.5.0 Released- 22/01/2014

1. Enhanced the Remux form so that if you remux a non MKV file to MKV, and tick the "Delete original file on success" tickbox, and VideoExplorer fails to delete the original file after the remux completes for some reason, it will now be handled correctly and when you return to the main grid, the main grid will refresh and show the new remuxed file automatically and not the old file, despite the delete having failed.

If the delete fails, you will end up with 2 files in the folder, the original and the remuxed file.

2. Fixed some nasty bugs related to files that have no metadata (nfo files) and therefore load without any associated Genres.

In this case you end up with an empty Genre list on the right, but the Filter buttons for Genres were still active and if you filtered on an empty list you could end up with an empty main grid but rows still existing in memory, and that would lead to exception errors being thrown if you then started to click any of the tabs in the metadata area to view Artwork or Genres and Movie Sets.

None of that should now be possible anymore, buttons should now disable if now Genres are found, and the UI should clear and reset properly now, in a safe way without any orphaned row or object references being left in memory.

3. Audio Channel Count fix : The MediaInfo parsing library has been updated to now also consider "Original Channel Count" when determining how many channels an audio stream has.

Both Containers and Audio Streams return channel counts and if those values differ then MediaInfo returns both values and it is advisable to use the value reported by the Audio Stream itself and override the value reported by the Container.

Up until now VideoExplorer has always only reported the value returned by the Container but after consulting with the MediaInfo developers I have changed it to also consider the value retrieved from the Audio Stream itself, if that value is returned by MediaInfo.
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