Release Video Explorer Critical Bug Fixes
(2014-02-05, 20:59)SiliconKid Wrote: v2.3.0.0 Released - 05/02/2014

1. Bug fix : If you ran VideoExplorer under a user account that is not an administrator on the local machine, VideoExplorer would not have access to the poster placeholder image needed by the CoverFlow control.

To work around the permissions issues VideoExplorer will no longer look for that image in it's install folder. The image is now an embedded resource inside the exe itself.

2. Feature add: Added a new Video Format icon next to the Resolution and Audio Format icons below the main grid.

Currently there are special icons for the following 5 Video Formats:

AVC H.264
HEVC H.265

Works now. The auto update did not work but once I uninstalled and re-installed all works.

Thanks again.
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