Release Video Explorer Critical Bug Fixes
v2.4.2.0 - 10/02/2014

1. Feature add: It is now possible to change the
language of streams on the Remux form.

2. Enhancement: The Remove Header Stripping
feature has been enhanced as follows:

a. There is now only 1 option on the menu for
Remove Header Stripping, not 2.

b. The Remove Header Stripping form now has
a tickbox to specify if original files
should be overwritten or not and another
tickbox to specify if CueDuration and
CueRelativePosition elements are embedded
in the output MKV or not (removing those
elements is necessary to create MKV files
that are compatible with some Samsung TVs).

I'm aware that the auto updater currently spawns 2 instances of VideoExplorer, 1 on top of the other, when it restarts the app for you.

That is not correct behaviour, but also not a major problem.

I'm working on solving it.
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