Release Video Explorer Critical Bug Fixes
Thanks for the latest update. Discart now works! Smile There is a small problem though when I navigate with my arrow key with the keyboard, from one movie to another one. I get an error message sometimes (see picture) and there is not much in the log. When this happens, I'm positionned under the Extra Artwork tab, I don't know if this can be related to.

2014-03-29 10:44:01.9439 - INFO: Video Explorer session started
2014-03-29 10:44:58.3971 - ERROR: UNHANDLED EXCEPTION :: Le paramètre n'est pas valide.


(2014-03-29, 08:20)SiliconKid Wrote: @LEDFan:

1. The problem with the artwork is finding space to show all of it.

I could add yet another tab, but I'm not so sure I want to. I'm wary of cluttering up the UI, and where do I draw the line with the artwork ?

I'll think about it Smile

I am not supporting ClearLogo images at the moment because XBMC doesn't seem to recognise them as one of that standard image types, at least not with the Aeon Nox skin active.

I'm also not sure if ClearLogo and Logo are the same thing in XBMC terms and I'm already supporting Logo.

What I find strange is the fact that when I export my library in separate files, it mostly export all my movies logos with this format movie_name-clearlogo.png. It's xbmc doing that! Why isn't exporting them with this format: movie_name-logo.png, I don't know. Also, Artwork Downloader (used by all versions of Aeon Nox) is using clearlogo since Frodo, as you can see in this post: You can also check this post here:

I only have a small amount of movies using logo, almost all of them use clearlogo. Also, I'm using Aeon Nox for Gotham and clearlogo all show for me. Maybe you are using a different version of Aeon Nox. Also, they exist at the site, like for this movie: . This is just too bad you can't go ahead with this last picture format, all of them would be covered if it was supported.

(2014-03-29, 08:20)SiliconKid Wrote: 2. I'm still deciding on the editing of all that metadata. I've intentionally been cautious about what I make editable. If I want to make all of that editable it means all those controls have to change, I have to build validation for all of that, and I have to
update and test a lot of stuff again.

I'm thinking about it.
Editing/or saving NFO files shouldn't create too many problems, why do you have to be cautius? It's not like playing with the database... Your program could become very useful with this possibility. You already offer the Metadata Editor tab but only for genres or movie sets. Why did you add this but cannot add any other options? I don't want to create any pressure, I'm just trying to understand.

Anyhow, you have a nice piece of software and I want to thank you for that. Good support too. Keep up the good work. Wink
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