Release Video Explorer Critical Bug Fixes

Can you post your whole debug log please ? I need to see what errors are actually being thrown when you are navigating.

It looks like it's hitting some kind of corrupt images or something that it can't load.

I can easily support all the different variations of the logo file names, in fact all of the image handling in VideoExplorer is actually easily configurable in the user settings file, I designed it that way.

Your example showed Both a logo.png and a clearlogo.png file in the same folder, which then looks like it's 2 images for the same thing. If all you want to do is support all the different variations of file names you can just go edit the user settings yourself and modify the settings related to the logo images.

You will find the user settings in a folder like this:

C:\Users\<YOUR WINDOWS PROFILE NAME>\AppData\Local\Code4Effect\VideoExplorer.EXE_StrongName_uyexytdlre33uw0f2c5ff00rbye12rf1\

In there you will find a file called: user.config

The 2 settings you need to modify are:

<setting name="ValidLogoFileNames" serializeAs="String">
<setting name="ValidLogoSuffixes" serializeAs="String">

The values are comma delimited lists of strings.

You can just edit those with a text editor.

If you modify it to something like this:




That will make it look for both naming conventions and VE will show you whichever one it finds first.

As far as the ability to edit all those values in the NFO file, I'm still reluctant to do the work to enable that and I have very specific reasons why:

1. For the kinds of information on that tab, the info downloaded from IMDB or TheMovieDB is accurate and correct and that should be the central source of truth for that kind of information.

If people are having issues downloading the correct information then they need to figure out why and resolve that rather than manually editing the NFO files in my opinion.

2. I have allowed editing Genre's and Movie Sets specifically, and ONLY those 2 things, because they are the 2 things that either don't come down from IMDB and TheMovieDB properly, or that
are not set the way people may like them. Genre's and Movie Sets are used by people to group and organise movies and so it's very important to be able to control those 2 particular values they
way you want to.

All the other info is just information, it doesn't serve any special purpose.

3. VideoExplorer is not primarily a metadata editor, it's main function and focus is to interrogate movies for technical information and make it easy to see that information. And also to be able to very quickly remux movies.

I don't want to stray too far from what the applications primary focus is.

I might still enable more metadata editing down the line, but right now it's not a priority for me.
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