Release Video Explorer Critical Bug Fixes
NOTE: Extra long file paths

I have picked up exception errors being thrown because Video Explorer tries to load movies that are in a path that is so long that it exceeds the maximum .NET supported path length of 260 characters.

If you have files that are in deeply nested folder structures, or in folders with extra long names, and possibly files with extra long names, you may well exceed the 260 character limit and currently Video Explorer does NOT support that and WILL throw exceptions if it encounters that situation.

I am looking at:

1. Introducing some 3rd party classes to the Video Explorer project to support paths that are up to 32000 characters long.

2. Modifying the exception handling code on the file loading code path to handle file not found exceptions more gracefully and simply not load those files, rather than cause an unhandled exception - DONE

So far I haven't seen much of this and it's an edge case, and the limitation is not my fault, it's a documented .NET limitation that Microsoft insist is valid.
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