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Release Video Explorer Critical Bug Fixes
v3.0.0.23 Released - 30/03/2014

1. Fixed bug when navigating the grid with the keyboard.

If you were using up and down arrow keys on the keyboard to navigate up and down your movie list and you did that very fast (hold the arrow key down), you would induce
an error state if you had the Artwork or Extra Artwork tabs visible beause too many image load requests would get fired and the image controls would crash.

This should no longer happen at all.

2. I've added full support for IMDB and MovieDB URLs.

On the Movie Info tab page you will now see a hyperlinked URL for a movie, if one was found in the NFO file.

It will appear to the right of the Director label.

It will appear if:

1. Your NFO file contains an <id> element and that element contains an IMDB movie ID.

2. Your NFO file only has ONE line of text in it, and that line of text is either an IMDB or MovieDB URL.

This is consistent with what XBMC supports and XBMC considers NFO files like this to be valid.
NOTE: Extra long file paths

I have picked up exception errors being thrown because Video Explorer tries to load movies that are in a path that is so long that it exceeds the maximum .NET supported path length of 260 characters.

If you have files that are in deeply nested folder structures, or in folders with extra long names, and possibly files with extra long names, you may well exceed the 260 character limit and currently Video Explorer does NOT support that and WILL throw exceptions if it encounters that situation.

I am looking at:

1. Introducing some 3rd party classes to the Video Explorer project to support paths that are up to 32000 characters long.

2. Modifying the exception handling code on the file loading code path to handle file not found exceptions more gracefully and simply not load those files, rather than cause an unhandled exception - DONE

So far I haven't seen much of this and it's an edge case, and the limitation is not my fault, it's a documented .NET limitation that Microsoft insist is valid.
v3.0.0.24 Released - 30/03/2014

1. Enhanced the exception handling around file paths that exceed the 260 character Windows limit.

Instead of that causing an unhandled exception error it will now get caught and handled explicitly and any movie with a path that does violate the 260 char limit
will now simply not be loaded in Video Explorer and will be ignored.

You will be notified that an error occurred, the movie will not be loaded, and the relevant exception error will be logged in the application log file with details.
it's great! beautiful!
v3.0.0.25 Released - 02/04/2014

1. Local application log file is now using UTF-8
encoding so that foreign language errors are
logged without special characters being lost
during conversion. It means that the errors
logged will be easily translateable in something
like Google Translate and won't get mangled
because special language characters couldn't
get converted properly.

2. Fixed unhandled exception error bug when
cancelling a remux.
NOTE: Edge case unobserved task exception when cancelling a load.

I've picked up another edge case scenario where cancelling a Load may result in an unobserved task exception being thrown, which will cause Video Explorer to restart itself.

That happens because of the way the Cancel is implemented to immediately cancel the entire loading sequence when you click the Cancel button, without delay.

Each Movie is loading on a separate thread with multiple threads running and under normal circumstances the control code sits and waits for each of those threads to complete their work and catches any errors thrown by any thread and handles the errors gracefully.

If you Cancel, however, the calling code stops listening and any threads still running effectively become orphaned and will complete in the background quickly and the results of their work will be discarded.

The problem is, if you cancel, and one of those orphaned threads that is still running then throws an exception error because of a bad file it can't load, that error is no longer caught and handled by the calling code gracefully and so the application has to deal with it in a more generic way, and it actually crashes the app.

It's a balancing act between performance and stability again, but I might have to change it to still wait for any work already scheduled on other threads to complete before I actually Cancel completely, to guarantee that any exception errors are caught and handled gracefully.

Looking at it now.
v3.0.0.26 Released - 04/04/2014

1. New Movie Trailer overlay graphic.

Any movie trailers that are loaded will be given a thumbnail image that is derived from the poster image of the main movie, but that now has a bright green ribbon graphic in the top left corner clearly denoting that it is a trailer.

2. Added a new "Play Trailer" option to the right click context menu of the main grid that will activate if a trailer is found in the same folder as the movie itself.

3. Improved error handling around artwork loading. In the rare case where an attempt is made to load artwork from an unresolved path,or a path containing a host name that cannot be resolved, it should no longer result in an
unhandled exception that restarts the app.

4. Improved error handling around movie loading when a load is cancelled but movie loads that were already started on other threads in the background are still running and then fault and cause unobserved task exceptions to be
thrown that crash the app.

Any exceptions thrown by orphaned load tasks after you cancel a load should now be caught and swallowed and not affect the app.
v3.0.0.27 Released - 09/04/2014

1. Added "Check for Update" option to the main menu under the Help category to allow for manually checking for updates.

2. Updated the Movie Trailer overlay graphic so that it is now bigger and more visible.

3. Optimisation to the core Movie loading logic and associated cancellation logic.

This should resolve all issues where cancelling could previously result in unhandled exceptions crashing the app.
v3.0.0.28 Released - 11/04/2014

1. MediaInfo dll updated to version

2. More improvements to the cancellation logic when loading Movies. If you cancel a load now the app should now respond to the cancellation request much faster.
Where does the mkvmerge executable belongs to?
I've installed mkvtoolnix-amd64-6.8.0 and Video Browser v3.0.0.28 does not find the executable.
Is there an option to specify the path of the mkvmerge executable?

Currently it's only looking for MKVMerge in the default install paths for x86 and x64:

C:\Program Files (x86)\MKVToolNix


C:\Program Files\MKVToolNix

I know that's restrictive and I will be adding a setting to the app with the ability to explicitly specify where the file is located. I just haven't gotten round to that yet, and nobody has had any issues up until now.

As a matter of interest, what is the install path for MKVToolnix on your machine ?
Normaly I download the zip archiv and not the installer and extract MKVToolnix to c:\Tools\Portable\PortableApps\MKVToolNixPortable\App\mkvtoolnix\.

For testing purposes I downloaded the installer and installed it to the above path and also to D:\Program Files\MKVToolNix.
Now I know why that didn't worked and helped me with a symbolink link from C:\Program Files\MKVToolNix to c:\Tools\Portable\PortableApps\MKVToolNixPortable\App\mkvtoolnix\ Smile
v3.0.0.29 Released- 17/04/2014

1. Fixed bug on Remux form where clicking the Browse for Output folder button was closing the entire Remux form.

2. It is no longer possible to run multiple instances of Video Explorer on the same machine at the same time and this now enforced. This cannot be allowed
because there are various things that get locked by the VE process while it's working and multiple instances conflict with one another.

3. Added a new User setting for the MKVMerge path and a new menu option to set it, under Options, on the main menu, at the top.

If this is not supplied, VE will still look for MKVMerge in the standard install locations as before, but it is now possible to set the MKVMerge location manually so
that you can have MKVMerge installed anywhere you like.
v3.0.0.30 Released - 19/04/2014

1. Added a View Charts button below the main grid.

2. Fixed tab order of controls on new Set MKVMerge Path form.

v3.0.0.31 Released - 21/04/2014

1. Remux improvements

Improved handling of error thrown when attempting to delete the remuxed file if the remux was cancelled by the user and the delete operation is unable to access the file for some reason.

Also now clearly states that remuxing completed successfully in the progress window.

2. Added new "Show Duplicates Only" option to the right click menu on the main grid.

This will filter the items currently on the grid to show only items that have duplicates.

This uses the Metadata TITLE tag from the nfo file for each movie to determine duplication and it ignores Trailers and any movie with a NULL or Empty string as the Title.
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