Release Video Explorer Critical Bug Fixes
v3.0.0.44 - 20/07/2014

1. Fixed bug where the last state and position of the
MetadataTabs splitter control was not being saved

2. Dynamic Zoom added to CoverFlow view

(As requested by Greg Cress)

The splitter control that was positioned above the
CoverFlow control is now below it and you can
now dynamically resize the CoverFlow control with
that splitter and the CoverFlow control will zoom
in and out accordingly.

3. Check for missing posters on reload

When you reload a previously loaded movie that has
already been cached, VE will now automatically
look for a valid poster image if the cache is
pointing at the standard placeholder image for
that movie because a poster couldn't be found

4. Google Analytics has been integrated but requires the
user to Opt In.

This is purely for analysis of feature use and
performance and is completely anonymous.
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