Release Video Explorer Critical Bug Fixes
Hi Vlad

I've looked at this and I'm really battling to reproduce your problem.

The error you are getting is because there is no StreamOrderId being injected into the command line string.

I'm running the same version of MKVMerge here and I'm not experiencing any such issue.

I need more information about one of your files that you are trying to remux please. Can you do a MediaInfo on one of them and private message that to me so that I can take a look at the MediaInfo a try to understand what my parser is doing ?

What version of VideoExplorer did you upgrade FROM ? I ask because I did some work on StreamOrderId's a long time ago to be compatible with various weird file formats, and that may be related to your problem.

I need details about your file. A MediaInfo report will be ideal. If you export to Text format in MediaInfo with "Advanced Mode" ticked, that will be perfect.

I did find some other bugs while I was looking into this though, so I will be releasing another update shortly anyway to address those bugs in the meantime.


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