Release Amazon Prime + Chrome Launcher (Win,OSX,Linux)
Great add-on, thanks so much for your time and hard work Roman.

I noticed some free prime shows missing from the list of shows, do I need to do the manual sync of the database to stay current or is there any automated sync done that keeps the db sync'ed as amazon adds new content?

For those asking the best way to control the add-on in windows, I can't guarantee you this is the best but this is how I've been doing it. I use a Harmony 650 to control my xbmc setup through a cheapo Rosewill MCE remote I bought on amazon. I created 2 functions, 1 to open/focus XBMC and one with Alt+F4 binded to close the open window as I was having playback issues where it wouldn't go full screen or play automatically if chrome was already open. So I use my button to close the window, then my focus xbmc button to re-open xbmc where I was. Still don't have pause or rewind abilities but its easy to kill it and start again from where I left off using this method and keeping my lazy ass on the couch. I'm sure someone smarter than myself can help with binding keys to a regular MCE remote without the harmony for those without this glorious device.
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