Release Amazon Prime + Chrome Launcher (Win,OSX,Linux)
For those windows users who are having trouble closing the player after it starts, I've made a mod to the version of stealthdave's branch of Chrome Launcher found in the git repository to allow closing the browser on OK/Select or back button press (tested with yatse app for android but should work with everything else).

Steps to Implement Fix:

1. Get the plugin code from stealthdave's branch git repository (you can download as a zip from the link on the right side if you prefer)
2. Replace your current Chrome Launcher in XBMC\addons\ with the code from the repo
3. Replace in that folder with my modified file
4. Save the file and all should work

NOTE: you may get chrome's "chrome did not close properly last time" message. It will disappear after a couple seconds. This is a quick and dirty fix and I haven't had the time to make it work perfectly, just to make it work. Also, stealthdave, addonscriptorde, and Romans I XVI did most of the work on these; I barely modified it to work for windows so I can't claim much credit.
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