Release Amazon Prime + Chrome Launcher (Win,OSX,Linux)
Thanks for doing this. I installed the repository and, for browsing, it appears to work fine in Gotham running on Mint 17.

I currently don't subscribe to Amazon Prime but I have considered it. I looked through the list of TV shows, via the add-on, and I couldn't find any of the titles I was interested in. Then I looked on and there were some listed, that I didn't find via the add-on, albeit only the first series - so not really a lot of use - no point in getting to the end of a series then it all stops.
It struck me that Amazon probably have different videos available according to country. So, assuming this is correct, is it possible to get the add-on to scrape ? I did notice that some of the config/XML files were - so I'm a bit confused as to what files would need to be modified.
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