MovieList: HTML-export your library with style [OSX/Win/Linux]

I made a little which helps you create a HTML-Version of your Library. You can then save the tools generated files in your dropboxs Public-Folder (or anywhere else on the web) and show it off to your friends.

The data is always in your hand: No calling home, no webservices, nothing to install/download for your friends (except your HTML-library Wink)

You can find all information on

Here is a video of what it does look like:

And here are examples of what your result might look like (live examples can be found on the website):
watch gallery

How does it work? Download the correct version, start it, enter the IP of your XBMC-machine (and the port if it differs from 80) and there you go. As soon as the tool detects XBMC it will start fetching the data.

Currently, the tool creates a folder out in your users directory. Existing folders with that name might be deleted, so check that before you run the tool.

Please also note that this is a very early build and I only tested it under OSX with Gotham. Please let me know if it did or did not work for you and which version you are using under which system.

This tool is made in a way so that it is easy to add your own output-themes if you like to. If you have a little experience in HTML, CSS and JS that is all you need to go.

There is still some stuff to be done and not everything always works perfectly smooth.. I just would like to hear about your thoughts and ideas Blush

Currently planned features:
  • add an option to also download fanarts for people who don't care about traffic/file-size Wink
  • downscale thumbs
  • support for tv-shows
  • better/easier configuration for beauty and co

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Good job. Very cool.
thanks (:
Just updated the tool to include the theme-selection. I would really really love to get more feedback!

Please tell me if you used it and if it worked well for you. I can see some downloads, but I am missing voices so far (:

I tried out your little app, both Mac (Mavericks 10.9) and Windows 7 versions. It seems there are problems with authentication to XBMC.
On the Mac version after entering the ip address and port, a dialog to enter username and password appears for a second, then disappears again. So it is not possible to enter any credentials.
On the Windows version, also a dialog shows up and I can enter username and password here, but after doing so, the program crashes.

Thanks for your feedback!

There is no authentication implemented in the tool right now. Do you mean the operating systems dialog? Maybe a screenshot would help..

I'm sorry it does not work for you at the momemt :/
Ok here is a screenshot how it looks like:

It crahes after to press Log In.

Windows version.
I wish to have Rotten Tomatoes (user+critics) + IMDB both ratings display in skin.
Okay, my HTTP was not protected with any username or password, that is why I never tested this.

Thanks for both of your feedback. I will look into it (:

If you like to, temporally disabling the credentials should (hopefully) resolve the issue.
It works! Amazing job, took just 30s for ~200 movies. Looking forward for TV Show support.

The interface can be improved here and there, but for now it is very decent.
I wish to have Rotten Tomatoes (user+critics) + IMDB both ratings display in skin.
Thanks! Glad that you like it Smile
My observations (only with the beauty option):
It was very quick to scan my library, less than a minute for over 600 movies.
The generated HTML content works well, no crashes, quick to browse

Limiting the list to 5 movies on the main screen doesn't work well. I would recommend displaying all movies in one giant list. The details view would then be displayed either in a modal window or separate page
There is no option to sort the list
Showing more metadata on the details screen would be great eg Fileinfo details (1080p, Bluray, DTS-MA 5.1, English Subs etc)
Search doesn't work correctly, no matter what I type it either brings up something totally non relevant or nothing at all
If possible support for TV Shows
Start over option doesn't work, crashes with a "Uncaught node.js Error"
The "XBMC-Location" screen could do with a "OK/GO" type button and also some error trapping.

I've been looking for something like this for a while but nobody can quite seem to get past an alpha like state, yours show great potential and I hope you can improve it with time.

thanks for your detailed feedback, it really helps me!

About the list-size: Yup you are right about that. Especially for big libs this does not work well. But that is where the underlying theme-system comes in play: I can do another version that fits exactly this need without changing the existing one. I already have something like this + a coverwall in creation.

The sorting will be integrated by clicking on the col-headers. I have it in place in another template but with big libs it gets, for some bogus reason, buggy. I want to sort that out first.

Yeah the file-info would be really great, but sadly I was not able to find these things in the JSON-API at this point. I'll put that on my list and ask the devs about it.

That the search does not work is somewhat surprising to me. I never had any issues.. Could you give an example of a searchterm and its unrelated result?

Support for TV-Shows is something I would like to add AFTER all other points are sorted out. I'd like to focus on movies first.
Besides the named issues and 2 additional templates I will integrate something that scales down the images to what makes sense for the template and improve the overall stability. At least for me image-downloads will sometimes fail (about 1 in a 50), but that may be because of my personal network-setup.

About the uncaught error for starting over: Hm.. seems like I did not update the builds I have on the website. It should be sorted out in the newer versions. Will do that later.

Thanks for letting me know somebody is actually using it Wink
Regarding the search, it appears to be case sensitive which is why I wasn't seeing the correct results. eg I could see "Star Trek" in my list but searching "star trek" returns no results.

Let me know if you need any help testing, unfortunately I'm not much help when it comes to HTML and JavaScript.

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