MovieList: HTML-export your library with style [OSX/Win/Linux]
Ah yes.. Case-Insensitive makes much more sense. I uploaded an updated version of that.

Thanks for that offer (:
Does this do TV shows as well as Movies ?
Only movies for now.
Yup, thats true.

I just finished some polishing in the default-theme, which supports sorting by column now and got rid of some bugs.
The communication between the tool itself and XBMC should now be EVEN FASTER and more stable then before.

Downloading the info and images for about 400 movies on a remote pc at home now takes me about ~4 seconds.

The next version will include support for password-protected xbmcs and optional resizing of the covers to what makes sense for the selected theme.

I really did not think about tv shows in the beginning, but seeing that this may be a useful feature to some people, I will add it to the list right after the already stated features.

Thanks for all your feedback! Please let me know if you have problems or wishes. I really would like to have much more responses Tongue (:
Posting a reply because the subscribe button isn't working for me.
A couple of questions. Both related to Beauty skin.

1. Is there a way to sort by Title by default? I know that the header can be clicked, but I would love to see them alphabetical by default.

2. Can I make more than 5 titles show up on a page? I have over 600 movies, so 5 at a time takes a while.

BTW - The program is awesome! I would love to test new versions as they are available!!
I'm glad that you like it (:

Currently there is no fancy way of doing it, but you can adjust the lists length by replacing s=6 with s=11in beauty.js to show 10 entries.

I did not think about adjustments-settings for the skin, but they make a lot of sense. I will make it easier to set both requested things in the next version (which I will hopefully upload today).
Awesome! Thanks for the quick reply. I don't mind updating the Javascript manually. I just couldn't figure out which one I needed to edit.

Is there any way to change the default sort order (sort alphabetically instead of by date added)?

Thanks again for all the work you've put in to this!
Yup there is, but thats quite messy in the minified version of the JS.

I just uploaded an unminified version of the JS to Pastebin. Just copy and paste its code into beauty.js and you should be good to go:

defaultSort can be changed to label, originaltitle, year, rating or dateadded
Once again, you are a scholar and a gentleman! Let me ask a question: Is does minified JS have an advantage over non-minified JS? If so, is there a way that I can re-minify the code once I make the changes? Sorry if that is a stupid question.
Last thing, and I'll leave you alone, I promise!

I got the 10 movies showing at a time, and I got the default sort to sort on the Title. However, it is sorting backwards (Z-A, instead of A-Z). Any way to fix that?

Here is my list, so you can see what I'm talking about:
No, there is no advantage of minified JS in your case. Leaving it as it is, is very fine.

Minifying is just a best-practise thing to do to decrease the overall download-size.

Edit: \
No problem, you are very welcome. Feedback motivates me to keep on coding Wink The only thing you should do is using the edit-function in the forums. Double-Posts are against the forum rules.

For the inverted sort use this:
Cool. Sorry about the double post. I was actually coming to say I think I figured out the sort thing. I edited line 218 in beauty.js to read

PHP Code:
order lasOrdAsc 'asc' 'desc'

That seems to have worked.
Yes.. That's not perfect, but does work too Wink
Yeah. I compared my file to the one you uploaded, and saw the changes (that's how we learn). I replaced mine with yours.
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