MovieList: HTML-export your library with style [OSX/Win/Linux]
The tool was updated / cleaned up a lot. Support for password-protected XBMC-Machines has now been added. Happy testing Wink
I just downloaded, and will test the authentication. I have my list set up pretty much the way I want it. Can I just drop in my modified beauty.js file? Or, are there changes to that as well?
Nope, you can just overwrite the generated .js and .html with your files.

The data-format of the generated data.js is not likely to change ever in the near future, so you can always do that. You could also just quit the application when it asks you to choose a theme and just copy and paste the thumbs/ and data.js into your existing dropbox-folder.
I would like to execute the Export in XBMCbuntu from time to time.
Will there be a CLI-Version in near future?
Looks good. I didn't see it in the video.. But Do you have trailers listed, or planning on adding them in the future?
Working well but is it ever slow displaying in Chrome or IE. I've got a fair sized movie collection and it didn't choke while gathering the information on about 11,000 movies but takes forever to display them. (I did think it had frozen but the data folder kept increasing in size.)

Is there another browser that would be faster running the viewing script?

Thanks for your efforts, the program is coming along great!
hello, I am not sure what I am doing wrong but I can't get past the IP screen. I tried IP addressed for multiple XBMC machines in my house, I tried, I tried local host, nothing is happening. Is there supposed to be a "OK" or "NEXT" button ?

n/m I didn't realize it's connecting to the web service Undecided
I'm trying to create an html from my database on xbmc openelec.

after typing the ip, user and password i get the error you can see in the attached jpg.


how can i solve the problem?

thx for you help!

Great tool!
I'm searching a long time a programm like yours.

But some wishes for next versions ;-)

- TV Show support
- CLI support to automatic create a new list
- maybe support for automatic upload to a ftp server
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Very cool tool, easy to set up and get running...
However, with me it is waaaaaaaaay too slow!

I am using it on my pc with Windows 7, I set the IP address of my XBMC and it starts running immediately... it now has been running for 14 hours, and when I take a look at the thumbs generated in the "out" directory, I have 293 items.... well I have about 400 movies and 50 series in my XBMC library...

It seems to me that there is a loop failing somewhere because every new thumb takes longer and longer to be generated. I had 292 items when I started this message, 3 minutes later, only 293 item.
When you look at the thumbs being generated, some of them seem to be re-generated... Huh

EDIT: Exactly one hour later, I have now 297 thumbs.. 4 in one hour..
And here is a screenshot of an image's properties... we can see that it was created two hours ago but have been modified one minute ago. And pretty much all the files show the same... created several hours ago, modified very recently.
TV-Shows support!!! -When?


Great program, love it, use it - please extend it !

Viribus unitis
Hey all!

Thanks for all of your feedback! Support for this tool was a little bit sleepy in the past weeks, but I will get back to it very soon and try to address all your requests/questions.

What I can say for now:
- CLI is a really great idea I did not think about, very easy to implement and therefore definitely coming soon.
- Long running loops for the thumbs might is probably a failure on my side. I retry every dl 3 times if it assumes it as failed. Seems like some part there is not doing right.
- Slow browser-implementations: Yup, this might be a problem. I didn't yet try it with more then 400+ movies. Although the white theme "Beauty" should work okayish. If someone is willing to share his generated data.json to me via PN, this would be great. Although I can create dummy-data real data of big libraries is often much better.
- TV-Show support.. Nya.. It's on the list but I want to sort out everything else first
- FTP-Upload: Sorry but I think this is too much out of focus. I like apps that are little and easy to use (the less options the better)
Hi Suven
If you succeed to find and fix the issue I encounter, I am more than willing to test it again.

Since I have a lot of films, I believe the theme "Listview" will be easier to browse and a lot less tedious than "Beauty" or "CoverWrap"
I can send you a data.json once I can generate one Wink

Just trying to run this tools, but could not manage to.

I do have the first screen with to Go, go go ! button, then second step with ip/username/password. But how do i go the next step Huh
i tried return tab, waiting etc, i can't manage to validate this dialog box.

Any clue?
(2014-08-09, 12:50)Chirel Wrote: Hi,

Just trying to run this tools, but could not manage to.

I do have the first screen with to Go, go go ! button, then second step with ip/username/password. But how do i go the next step Huh
i tried return tab, waiting etc, i can't manage to validate this dialog box.

Any clue?

As soon as you enter valid data, it will continue by itself.

So make sure the following things are true: The IP is correct and reachable (127.0.01 for the same computer) if you configured a different port then 80 inside XBMC, append it to your IP (like Also make sure that XBMCs webserver is turned on AND that you checked "Allow programs on this/other pcs to control xbmc"
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