What setting controls WHICH title it saves?
Beverly Hills Cop becomes "Beverly Drive" in Title, and "Beverly Hills Cop" in Original Title.

Don't know if it's a Ember or an IMDB API bug
It's listed as USA (original script title) for this movie, have a look at bottom of the AKAs list http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0086960/rele...dt_dt#akas
Yeah, I see that! Anyone else having this issue with 1.3.18? I can't see a setting where I can stop this, as I have to alter 50% of my titles.
I have now tested this and can reproduce with one setting and that it's a wrong one I think

If you set Ember to scrape force title = USA you get that name
Leaving it empty = no force at all, you get the correct one
That's it, you're awesome!! Thank you T-bird. Should we add this somewhere to bugs?
It's not a bug, not in Ember at least
You ask for the US title and on IMDB it's "Beverly Drive" and that what's saved
No need to use that setting if you only want English/US titles as it's default on both IMDB and TMDB
T-bird is right! If you use force title language setting, Ember will search for that title in the AKA list on IMDB for that movie. If the forced language isn't listed, Ember will fallback to originaltitle Smile
In BETA Version of Ember I added a new option to fallback on english title instead originaltitle (That setting is useful if you scrape a lot of asian/foreign movies and i.e dont want japanese originaltitle saved)

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What setting controls WHICH title it saves?0
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