Wrong Audio stream selected
Dear All,

I Use TVheadend together with XBMC as my frontend for wtahcing TV / Recording.

Recently i have issues where tvheadend records the wrong audio stream.

My XBMC client is set to use English everywhere, as is tvheadend (as far as i can tell anyway, i cannot find any more settings regarding language)

I.e for example, i have three BBC channels, and lately it records Polish audio stream instead of the original English stream ( i live in sweden, and have never entered Polish as my language anywhere)

To try and remedy the problem, i am now using the Beta version of Tvheadend, together with the latest Alpha build of Gotham. (but this has not helped)

Anyone else with similar issues? , or ideas on what i can try to fix this?

Are you recording to .ts? If so, you should have everything as transmitted - including all audio tracks. Have a look at the files and see what audio streams they include (VLC does a good job of telling you, as does mediainfo). You may find that the tracks are badly tagged, or that a default flag is missing for some reason.

tvheadend doesn't really care about the languages, so there's no setting that I'm aware of (unless it appeared recently).
It should indeed record all audio tracks available. Have you checked that it's not just a matter of having to switch to the correct stream when playing the recording?
Sorry forgot about this thread, I record to mkv, I will double check but I am pretty sure it only records one audio stream (it does include all subtitle languages though)
If so then that's a bug in tvheadend and you should check their bug tracker and report it if it's not there.

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