Video of my ambient lighting setup
(2014-01-14, 05:17)outtamyway24 Wrote: While I love me an old fashioned theater room, I feel like the more challenging setups are the ones like your's where you have to make it work in a living room without ideal circumstances. Job well done.

Thanks. For myself, I have neither the room in my basement or any compelling reason to construct a separate room as a home theater. I like trying to have the best I can do in a living space that I am using for everyday life. The only real compromise I end up making right now is with side speakers. Maybe if I ever decide I need to go the projector route, then I'll feel the need for a separate room.

Without a more enclosed space like in a theater room, I think that the ambient lighting is possibly more important. With the lights down in my room without the new lighting, you are kind of staring at a screen surrounded by black space, with nothing really reflecting any light from the screen. With the lighting, that side of the room is lighter and to go along with the Philips claims, I find it less fatiguing and more engaging to watch.

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