Video of my ambient lighting setup
(2014-01-23, 04:28)outtamyway24 Wrote: I had briefly looked into ambient lighting, but never really got into the details of it. However, you've been extremely supportive in helping others, so I may have to actually look into it myself. Your guide/links will be very handy in the event I do.

I have to say that I was a bit intimidated myself in the beginning, but sometimes I like a challenge. In the end, this was less than a challenge. Having read up ahead of time, once I had the Arduino and strips, it took 30 min of labor and 30 min with the software to get it up and running, so not much of a challenge. BUT, then I decided I wanted to contribute so I learned Python and helped write the next version of the XBMC script that runs the lights...

Anyway, I'm happy to help anyone that decides to go down this route. I'm, by no means an expert yet, but I'm glad to do what I can.

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Video of my ambient lighting setup0