Video of my ambient lighting setup
(2014-01-25, 01:08)KenV99 Wrote: I agree that in certain scenes, the LED's can be distracting, but, for me, some of it was the novelty. I couldn't even approach the wife for help with this kind of thing :/

Same here... I love seeing the look on eoples faces when they see it for the first time, then after a few seconds they realise that its in sync with the tv. Before xmas there was a sony stall at the shops that were flogging these 'next gen' speakers with led's that lit up to the beat... the missus and I had a good chuckle at that.

Quote:Damn, I already used to throw bangin parties, and I'd always have either music vids or a crazy visualizer on my 70 inch TV, but having the LED light show to go with would have been cool. Wish I had thought of that, I'm now very interested in getting one of these set up.

Visualistions + boblight is my favourite aspect of the backlighting, well worth the $100-150 it costs to setup.

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