Video of my ambient lighting setup
(2014-01-25, 19:49)LazerBlue Wrote: Do you know if any one makes something like that for the 3 conductors? I've been looking but just don't know if I'm searching the right term or if they just don't exist.

I've seen for 2 or 4 conductors but not 3. Sorry.

(2014-01-26, 06:47)outtamyway24 Wrote: Any reason why you chose the Arduino instead of a Raspberry Pi? I have a spare Pi and curious if this is even possible.

The software to run the lights was originally written for Arduino type boards and don't need all of the other things the RPi offers. I'm not even sure if the software exists to run directly from the RPi since I've seen people who are running XBMC on the RPi and still using an Arduino or Teensy to run the strips.

(2014-01-26, 07:50)nickr Wrote: Wouldn't those 90 degree things mean you need strips made to the exact length, ie the height and width of your TV?

Heartening to know it shouldn't take the full 60 days for the strip to turn up!

Yes, some careful measuring would be in order. You can also use these:
But I'll warn you that the wires are very stiff and might be hard to use if you want to put the last LED of one strip very close to the first LED of the next strip.

(2014-01-26, 09:18)nickr Wrote: Oh, cool. Very cool. wow. I love these things.

I am rethinking the whole house lighting plan!

It can be a bit addicting.

(2014-01-26, 13:16)TRaSH Wrote: So let's see if i get my shopping list correct

5M ws2801 LED strip
Arduino Leonardo R3 or the Arduino Uno 2012 R3
10 Pack 2.1mm x 5.5mm Female CCTV Power Jack Adapter (how many do i need ?)
3 x 40P 20cm Dupont Wire Jumper Cable 2.54 1P-1P Male-Male/Female-Female/Female-Male (how many do i need and which one ?)
5V 10A switching power supply
2-Way 2.1mm DC Barrel Jack Splitter Squid
L-shape 4-conductor

when this is all correct i only need to check which shops i should order because it needs to be shipped to europe

I chose the Leonardo because there are theoretical bandwidth issues for high frame rates with large numbers of LEDs over the serial bus that the Uno uses. But for less than 200 LEDs, supposedly this isn't an issue.
You'll need at least two power jack adapters. For the Uno you need four male to male jumpers, for the Leonardo, 2 male to male and two female to male. Since you don't have a connector block listed in your parts, I assume you are going to solder the wire to wire connections or somehow or another connect the wires to each other.

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