Video of my ambient lighting setup
(2014-03-12, 23:34)TRaSH Wrote: finally got all my parts,
did a fast test with the arduino software to see if it works (color swirl etc)
everything seems to work.
hopefully i'm able to start the setup/install next week

Good luck! I hope it goes smoothly.

(2014-03-12, 23:51)LazerBlue Wrote: Update on my setup. I believe the led flicker I'm getting is in the code in using since a bunch of other scripts I've tried for different things seem to not reproduce the issues. I was in the middle of adapting the adalight script to work with the fastLED library when I encountered a major issue with my pc. Seems the stock AMD cooler can't keep up with my A10-5700K and temps were shooting above 90°c. I had to underclock to almost the point of unusability until my new cooler comes in to keep it running coolish. I'm so close though.

Ahhh. That sucks. At some point when you have it all settled, please post a link to the code that you are using on the Arduino. I would really like to try out the WS2812b's but I am also limited in that Ambibox doesn't allow for >255 LED's. But I might be able to set up some profiles that make it think that I am running a secondary display to overcome that.

On a side note, I'm flying into Tampa next week for some meetings in Sarasota. Any suggestions for a great place to eat lunch in Tampa with a friend I'm meeting? Perhaps PM me if you do, so the natives don't get restless by going off topic.

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