Video of my ambient lighting setup
(2014-04-24, 03:46)BtripN Wrote: This is soo cool, I have to do this! Great job with all your work, the XBMC community is the best. I just finished my basement project which includes a 100" projection screen, Win8 64bit, XBMC 13 beta4. A 5M strand of LEDs would not work. Would the same concept work by adding another strand taking in consideration the power supply? Haven't looked enough into this, but would a 10amp power supply be sufficient for just over 7M of LEDs?

Another concern of mine is the distance from my HTPC to the screen (about 25ft). I roughed in a conduit to allow for things like this but would there be any timing issues running the USB from HTPC to Leonardo at that distance?

The propogation speed is roughly the speed of light, 300,000,000 metres pers second. I think you'll be OK.
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