Video of my ambient lighting setup
(2015-07-14, 20:31)Doc.Ex Wrote: No not at all. I watched Iron Man 1 & 2 as well as The Hobbit on BluRay on the PS4 and everything worked as expected. But it might depend on what HDMI Splitter you use. I use a generic one from Amazon. It annoys me a little since that one has no CEC support, so I have to switch the ambilight inputs manually via buttons on the remote control. But today my Harmony Hub arrived so that shouldn't be a problem anymore. Tongue

PS: When you buy a USB Videograbber make sure it has the STK1160 chipset. .bismarcks OpenELEC version has a framescaling patch integrated that allows the grabber to reduce the resolution before outputting the image to the Pi. This is important because it reduces the load on the usb bus of the pi. Otherwise you might encounter flickering.

Thx for the info about the HDCP. As far as the STK1160 - the link in my earlier post was for the only place I could find that seems to actually tell you which chipset is in the grabber. Will let you know how things go.

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