WIP Skin Themes Downloader Installer addon for Confluence.
Help required please see last there.

Atm Skin Confluence has supported themes for a long time, however thers is lacking/missing adding themes via zip or custom or even preset remote url a repo or whatever.

It would be great if we could use and addon that you added a path to remote url containig a zip or local zip to install custom colorthemename.xbt and colorthemename.xml to correct folders of Confluence skin.
It could be extended to support other skins too I suppose.

The zip could contain something like a /media folder with colorthemename and a /color folder with the colorthemename.xml and maybe something aht the skin would recognize to extract these into correct dirs and show up in Settings >> Appearance

Unfortunately python or c++ are beyond my skills atm, hence Im asking for help.

Please, you skilled genius developers, please

* un1versal sobs.
I cant believe the amount of skins and noone wants this at all?
Various skins already have this function with separate scripts/addons. This script is a good a starting point to modify for your own needs.
Thx a bunch, Big Grin

The key word there being modify, given I dont understand the code behind it at all Wink Lets seee ....
I've long thought a whole mod-manager for skins would be great. Not just themes, but replacement xml files and all those little tweaks people love.

Doing it properly is the hard part, though. Downloading an additional .xbt or .xml file is easy enough, but to manage all the little tweaks would probably require doing diff's on and then changing the original skin file (so more than one tweak could be applied to a single file, such as an includes.xml), not to mention a way of hosting all those tweaks and managing differences between versions of the skin.

It could potentially simplify the skinning process, as all the different options we all love could be added later by others. It's just a lot of work. If I ever get a year off of work, I might try it Wink
With an addon that points to the github repos or branches that have different mods applied it *should* be relatively easy to download the tarball and unzip it in the right place. Thats the direction I was thinking of for making mods to Nox 5. I was planning on modding the old extras script for Nox to do just that.
As I say, just downloading a new xml file is relatively easy. I was thinking more for the small tweaks, though. To take a couple of examples from Nox5 requests - change the font weight in a view, the font color in a view, and have a (possibly custom) delay on the appearance of an info panel.

All could be done by downloading a replacement xml file with that tweak in it, but if all of them want to replace the same xml file then you can only pick one and still have to edit the file to get the additional. Or you could have a script which knows the diff's between the original xml file and the tweaks, and can apply them all to the single file.

Basically, I'm thinking of something that does what your script will do for the big tweaks, and avoids the user having to edit the xml files to make the small tweaks.
What you asking there is a tall order and needs to be a separate program entirely in addition to the addon/script to download the bits and place them correctly where they should. iirc there was a skin editor already but its no longer developed, you can find it @ team blackbolt website.

In contrast Im only talking about 3 folders (if you count background folder) and files which likely be much simpler to do I imagine.
(2014-02-26, 19:05)uNiversal Wrote: What you asking there is a tall order and needs to be a separate program entirely in addition to the addon/script. iirc there was a skin editor already but its no longer developed, you can find it @ team blackbolt website.

Not asking for, more contemplating exactly what it would take Wink

And I was thinking more that someone would provide a modified version of an xml file with tweak A, someone else tweak B. Then a script perform a diff on the original xml file and - assuming the two tweaks don't clash (they're not modding the same line for example), the changes are written into the original xml file. So, once someone's written a tweak others then don't have to edit the xml file to have the same tweak, and multiple tweaks could be applied to a single file.

As I said before, it'd be an awful lot of work, so I'll leave it at the stage of just thinking about it for now.
That sound great in theory, but themes and skin mods arent the same afaik.
True enough, and this perhaps wasn't the place for my tangent. It all comes under the topic of skin customisation, though.
I have been already working on a script that would give the possibility to download different type of extras for any skin.

Configuration has been based on a xml file, and would be pretty easy to define for any skin and any extra type (themes, backgrounds, etc.)
The idea was also to define pre/post actions that would be executed by the script.

It was based on the aeon nox skin extras downloader and in a alpha version is available in my git repo https://github.com/paradix/script.skinextras.downloader
that tbh sounds right on the money, to download something/extract and ask you to swtch to it theme wise or activate it or something of the sort I imagine.

Will give it a spin and see if I understand any of it as is, though coding portion is beyond me.
(2014-02-26, 14:52)BigNoid Wrote: Various skins already have this function with separate scripts/addons. This script is a good a starting point to modify for your own needs.

Yes I done this here https://github.com/uNiversaI/confluence....downloader but here are a few blockades.

1) Default skin is not installed to userdata/addons its somewhere in system, and then Q do all platforms have r/w permissions to extract stuff to there via this? As I found no. not easily.

2) A theme requires both thesthemename.xml and thesethemename.xbt and thisthemename.jpg to be extracted into /skin/colors or skin/media skin/backgrounds atm this script can only handle the skin/media portion assuming 1) wasn't a main blocker.

3) using github has a source is not ideal but doable if 1) and 2) were to be resolved in some manner form multi-platforms.

4) I dont see 1) being solved without Default skin allowing reading themes from userdata directory where skin is actually not present (it could be possible but Ive no idea how). This is a must to bypass the path and r/w/ permissions on all platforms, I have no idea how to do any of these.

Please people if you can contribute your time and expertise the themes are being released atm from https://github.com/uNiversaI/revamped.themes/releases and there is a forum thread for you http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=203291

Need improving or help main code in XBMC to allow usage and also improvement of https://github.com/uNiversaI/confluence....downloader

Really need help here please.

@paradix your script offers same and other blocks as above so again not doable and besides that I dont understand neither C++ nor Python nor xml in any significant manner to resolve any of the above

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