Req Switch panel order in list view (and a few other cosmetic request)
First off, a huge thanks to the Amber team--I switched over from Aeon Nox a little while ago, and find Amber far more stable, and just... better in general. However, I've got one major issue (and a few smaller issues).

1) This is the big one--List view currently has three panels, Poster / Info / List, which is completely unintuitive to me. I'd much rather have it so the List is on the left, and then the info/poster. How it is now is the reverse of normal read order, swapping it would make much more sense to me.

And, while I'm suggesting what my ideal List view would look like, I'd much rather have the list take up the full vertical height of the screen--currently there's a gap to show the fanart, but I'd much rather show more items on screen for easier navigation (doing a quick hack in photoshop, using the full vertical space for the list would show 5 more items per screen--14, instead of 9). Moving the poster on top of the info box instead of having it as it's own panel would also be great. Incredibly rough mockup here:
A similar set up for the episode selection screen would be great. Either having these as options for List view or a separate View mode (Full View, or something?) would be great.

2) I LOVE the Recently Added quickjump bar on the homescreen, but I wish it was smaller, so as to show more items, and not obscure so much of the background image. I'd also prefer it underneath the main bar instead of in the middle of the screen--Incredibly rough mockup of the Recently Added bar with a smaller vertical height and repositioned here:

3) In list mode, hitting right brings up the glowing orange ball that basically lets you page up / page down, which I already have mapped as buttons on my remote. What I'd really love is hitting right to bring up a letter list, so you can easily navigate to certain letters. So, if I'm looking to play Primer or something, I'd hit right, go to P on the alphabet pop up, and then hit left again to go through the Ps to find Primer. Which seems like it'd be much faster and easier then page up / page downing until you get to the Ps, especially for people with huge libraries like me. Rough mockup:

4) Incredibly minor, but on the home page, it'd be nice to be able to choose what options are in the submenu. Like, for the Movies submenu, I don't use Tags or Library, so being able to disable them would be great.

Thanks again to the Amber team, and sorry for being so nitpicky about this stuff.
Would be great changes. #2 and #4 would be awesome!

Maybe the dev could give some hint where to change such things, then i would try to have a workaround myself!
2 & 4 might change in the future but lists stays on the right side.

What you are showing on you mockups is in fact default Confluence skin, so you might want to try it out.

I've said it couple of times already - right side list is designed for reading left to right and for keeping your eyes on the center of the screen, where they should be. A lot of people find it golden, just give it some more time.
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Switch panel order in list view (and a few other cosmetic request)0
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