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test123 Offline
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Hi, I just switched over to this skin. Is there anyway to so separate hidden spoilers of TV shows and Movies. I see in skin settings you can hide plot but its for both tv shows and movies. I want to hide plots for unwatched shows because they tend to have detailed spoilers for that episode however I would like to see the plot for unwatched movies. Not sure if its possible on this skin, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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Jeffers24 Online
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When doing a refresh of my build I don't want to have to reset all my Aeon Nox 5 settings, menu options and background settings.

If I copy this file into a fresh Aeon Nox 5 install:- C:\Users\jeffers\AppData\Roaming\Kodi\userdata\addon_data\skin.aeon.nox.5, it copies my settings, top level menus and background settings OK. It doesn't copy my sub menus and settings.

Anyone able to tell me which folder/s to copy from my existing build into a new Aeon Nox 5 skin install to bring across my sub menu items and settings?
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roura97311 Offline
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I would like to ask BigNoid and mikeSILVO if I could distribute my Mod.

My Mod Aeon.Miro.Nox is based on the work of BigNoid, mikeSILVO and MadNox.
I have added several customization options

Thank you for this fabulous AEON NOX Skin
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Rafamaf Offline
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I have the same exact problem described in this post

I am using Kodi 17.3 with latest Aeon Nox

When browsing TV Channels and selecting one for preview, the preview begins in a small box, but the rest of the window goes black and the channel list with relative programming is not visible any longer.

This only happens with the Aeon Nox skin,

Kindly, help

Thank you
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Dumyat Online
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Post: #3740
Is there an easy way I can disable the info bar at the top of each window? I thought there was something in the skin settings to disable it, but doesn't look like that's the case......
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Sajk Offline
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Im a big fan of Maniacs Live-TV mod. Installed newest version of the skin on Kodi 17 but it seems that the mod is not included any more?
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mikeSiLVO Offline
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(2017-08-14 10:04)Sajk Wrote:  Im a big fan of Maniacs Live-TV mod. Installed newest version of the skin on Kodi 17 but it seems that the mod is not included any more?
Not sure what you are expecting to see but BigNoid added maniacs PVR mod back in October 2015
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