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[RELEASE] VideoMediaset

- updated plugin to work with the new videomediaset website
(I got distracted by other things, but this is still on my to-do list.)
Grazie Da Malta
found something that doesn't go.... lots of folders are empty here but full on the site.
as example:
- ultime puntate......
- zelig --> zelig
- tu si que vales
and other most recents
could take a look inside.
hi peppe

something strange happened in the last few days with video.mediaset.it

my xbmc plugin it's ok, the regexp catch the right information from the html page but often the module urllib2 fails to open videomediaset.it and the response in html it's corrupted

so without an html it's impossible to procede

anyway in this moment everthing seems to work fine, but it's very slow to navigate

for me the problem is videomediaset.it
actually tv shows are shown correctly. maybe a fault of the site, as you said.
thanks a lot for your support.
the plugin doesn't work again, only "i più visti" work. Aracnoz can you check and fix it? Facce sto miracolo. Tnx.
same problem same answer i think....... is the site
Favoloso ed essenziale questo plugin, grazie all'autore !!!

Fabulous and essential this plugin, thanks to the author !!!

Great Job! I can't say how good this is and I should give credit where credit is due!

Thank You! My parents living outside of Italy love it. I just installed it so fingers crossed all goes well.
This Channel is AMAZING!! On PC Windows

But on the Android TV Box it can't connect to the to the channel so its nothing to do with the site as I've been testing it in the PC room (Works Great) and then going into the living room where it just keeps trying to load saying "Working". It has to be something the Android is doing differently. My parents are loving the RAI.TV which works beautifully on all platforms. Could someone work on that? I'm sure I'm not the only one but I just got this channel so I'll try again tomorrow or patiently wait until it can work as smooth as Rai.TV on Android.

what a great addon

But there are missing 2 great shows ( striscia la notizia / avanti un altro )
On the website ( video.mediaset.it ) you can watch both shows.
it would be great you can fix that....

grazie in anticipo
ciao dalla germania
hi bladerunner82,
the shows are available, i had same problem in the past with others. depend from mediaset site, sometime is really strange. i just browse the addon and striscia is there. avanti un altro no!! maybe if i try a couple of times it appears.
it is so!!!
Hi. Thanks for your plugin. Works really well!
Why don't you submit it to the official repo? I started to write my own for video.mediaset and I found yours only at half the work Rofl
Ciao peppe you are right now striscia is there ? but others
not..... a
update would be great .....its a great addon
Buon Anno nuovo a tutti ?

Hey an Italian repository would be great?
It does exist From all other countrys but not a italian one.
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