OS X Help with Artist and Album customized Infos
I think there are some limitations in XBMC like most music library for classical. Something to consider is that XBMC in V13 (and I suppose future) is leaning more heavily on the MusicBrainz database structure to guide music scraping so you might want to head over there and get some ideas on tagging.

I think the basic thing is to have a release (such as album, but I will split up an album which has multiple works) as a set of media files in a single folder. You can have a fanart image in that folder to display. I set the "album artist" tag to the composer. If you have your "album" folders as children of the composer (as a folder) it is possible to scrape the composer from that parent folder (nfo file or via scraper).

It's a bit of a problem though for conductor. performing group or artists, soloists, etc. You can try assigning them to the "artist" tag and they will show up in the library, but you have to manually scrape the artist from the library artist view, and then it will only work if the scrape can find something. I don't think there is any way to add info via an nfo if the scraper fails to return something.

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