Choppy Playback Only On Certain Files

I'm running XBMCbuntu on an Intel i3 NUC and it works perfect for about 95% of files I play - mkv and m2ts files with HD audio.

On the dodgy files, the debug shows the frame rate all over the place and some of the cpu cores hitting 100%. The HD audio sounds fine but the dropped frames obviously make the picture very choppy.

The only thing that stands out to me from the logs is the error below but this seems to occur after every file is played anyway.

"ERROR: (VDPAU) unable to init VDPAU - vdp_st = 0x1. Falling back."

On the debug I played the 4 files listed below - 2 mkv and 2 m2ts files, one which was fine and the other not. I've put the line in the log when playback begins.

Jack Reacher - m2ts 36GB - perfect playback - Line:576
Zero Dark Thirty - MKV 32GB - perfect playback - Line: 1960
Unbreakable - m2ts 28GB - choppy playback - Line: 3890
Rush - mkv 29GB - choppy playback - Line: 5279

Debug Log

Thanks very much for any assistance.
Where GPU acceleration is concerned >>> VDPAU is only for Nvidia GPU in this context. So inn your case VAAPI acceleration is for Intel GPU.

Check your xbmc playback settings and ensure your acceleration is properly configured according to what your HW supports.

Once that is done retest...

Possibly realize that audio config could also affect video playback idk what your chipset is but look at Intel_Linux_Modifications_for_HD_Audio (wiki) though your kernel is 3.10 so idk.
Thanks, I've disabled VDPAU and enabled VAAPI - seem to get the same results with VAAPI enabled or disabled though.... same files still behave the same.

Yeah I applied the relevant patches detailed in that HD Audio link when I built the box, hence the 3.10 kernel.

Problematic files that have both standard and HD Audio tracks are choppy when using either audio track.
Any case this is likely not the answer you're looking for.

Really its a terrible idea that at this stage there are no newer XBMCbuntu builds to test, at alpha12 about to go beta and you only get 3 betas and 3 rcs to test xbmcbuntu releases... IMO not enough to get proper xbmcbuntu stuff supporting most users that opt to use this xbmc solution.

If I were you I would either opt for a newer Linux + XBMC install or compile the latest XBMCbuntu and install that.

You could look at Yes I know its de-interlacing related -- but you would also have both recent xbmc and newer Linux installed and proper configuration including hw accel..


Least likely

and compile the XBMCbuntu iso from there and install, though that is likely more up-to-date then what you are using.

Backup userdata (wiki) and your ready to go and play with any f this.
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