Unable to show the screensaver in Pandora (script.audio.pandora)
The Pandora Player UI is implemented as xbmcgui.WindowXMLDialog and the UI executes via doModal().

The screensaver never triggers which is usually fine. But one of the users wants to run a screensaver slide show during the audio play, and I like the idea of adding that flexibility.

Am I correct in saying that the screensaver is blocked by the doModal() call? Or is it being blocked for some other reason?

Additionally, my initial attempts at just triggering the screensaver (via the built-in "ActivateWindow( 12900 )") cause the UI to go black and only partially responsive on exiting the script. I know Gotham is adding the "ActivateScreensaver" built-in command. However, in Frodo, is there some way to activate the screensaver correctly, without hanging or otherwise bugging the UI?

Thanks for the help, in advance.
In testing on Gotham, I'm also having trouble initiating the screensaver with xbmc.executebuiltin("ActivateScreensaver").

While executing within doModal(), as noted above, calling xbmc.executebuiltin("ActivateScreensaver") doesn't start the chosen screensaver. If "Use visualisation if playing audio" is ENABLED, then the chosen audio visualizer is shown. If DISABLED, the Dim screensaver is shown instead (no matter what screensaver is chosen and no matter what the setting of "Use dim if paused during video playback").

This seems to be a bug to me.

Anyone have any input on this?

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Unable to show the screensaver in Pandora (script.audio.pandora)0
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