no returning subtitles anymore
I noticed that is not returning any subtitles since today. Did they changed something?
i been reading a lot of user with that problem, at least for gotham is still working
works fine on frodo and gotham here
I don't get results from opensubtitles neither, it worked yesterday.
i have the same prob, with opensubtitles and subscene, i have searched the web, with no resullt...
one of my friends have the same prob also
how to fix this on raspberry pi?

Not working for me either, on frodo windows 7, was working fine yesterday plus also subtitles show up but freeze on "downloading subtitles"
(2014-01-28, 20:40)amisa Wrote: Not working for me either, on frodo windows 7, was working fine yesterday plus also subtitles show up but freeze on "downloading subtitles"

same for me, open subs, podnapisi plus any other Greek subs sites, on Frodo XP
I have the same problem at 2 raspberry PI model B also on Windows 8.1.
thank god i'm not the only one with that problem. Frodo. I've been googling for "no subtitles found" for the last two hours with no luck. Finally found this thread, I'm relieved of a kind.
Post Debug Log's. "It doesn't work" is kinda useless to us when others post "works for me"
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For troubleshooting and bug reporting please make sure you read this first.

Hopefully someone smarter will do that. I'm totally new in this, so this is all gibberish to me, all I know is that it was working before, and now it's not working. I almost blamed my kid for jumping on a remote control and pushing "wrong" buttons Sad
I see that most of us who are complaining have minimum number of posts, hope someone knows hot to do what was asked.
ok, i managed to get error

ProtocolError: <ProtocolError for 503 Service Unavailable>
it dosent work for me 2 either does subscene

sorry but i cannot post debug log,
since i dunno how to get it out of Rpi b

I got subscene to work on rpi, and windows, fairly easy though
Same problem here. And seems there are many users with this problem. But no solution offered, even the devs not responding to this, so very strange. Seems to work on nightly builds where they changed the way subtitle used to work. Looks like a force to upgrade from stable to unstable version (nightly) to get subs from opensubtitle again. Which isnt a option for me. Then again in Gotham we seem to lose the ability to manual enter search string for subs, which will be a major set back in user experience. So not at all pleased the way this is heading unfortunately.
(2014-01-28, 19:10)amet Wrote: works fine on frodo and gotham here

It's not working for a lot of people on Frodo 12.2 / 3

The only message we get is no subtitles found and we don't get any error message

API problem?
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