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Release service.subtitles.subscene
Hi there,

This is the support thread for the Subscene subtitles plugin for Kodi.

If you find a problem, please provide a debug log as described here: debug log (wiki)
I'm happy to help, but without a debug log it is nearly impossible to reproduce any issue.
I've ran into a few issues:
- No ratings and no language flags. Could be solved with this:
listitem = xbmcgui.ListItem(label=item['lang']['name'],

- if a movie has a ' in the name, it doesn't return any results, although I'm not sure if thats a new issue and was not already present in the frodo version.
Hi BigNoid, thanks for you feedback.

I pushed a new version to github.
Unfortunately Subscene doesn't give precise ratings on its search result page. It just marks subtitles as good, neutral or bad. Currently I map good to 5 stars, neutral to 0 stars and discard the bad ones completely.
I checked the flag icon implementation against some other subtitle plugins, I give the same parameters as them to ListItem(), but for neither my plugin nor for the others it shows a flag icon, so I guess, flag icons are not in the core (yet).

I improved the search code a bit over the frodo version, so it now finds movies with an apostrophe as well as titles with a dot in it, which seems to trigger a direct file search on Subscene.
I tested it successfully for my library, but please continue testing it against some unusual titles with special chars and such to check if I caught all issues.
Yes I saw. You either give 0 or 10. Flags are supported. Opensubtitles shows them. You have the right code, just the .gif should be removed as that is already added in core.

Thats already fixed i see on git. It's showing flags for me now.

Search is also better now, nice Smile
Ah, the missing flags were a skin issue. Now I see them too. Good. Smile
Thumbs Up 
Nice work CrowleyAJ Smile. This addon was holding me back from updating XBMC
I just pushed a new version, which shows the "sync" icon, when the name of the subtitle matches the file name of the video. This may give false positives on trivial file names.

- better default sort, i.e. "sync" matches first
- manual search string support
Thanks CrowleyAj is working perfect
I pushed a new version to github, which now supports manually entered search strings and fixed a bug with episode matching for tv shows.
Version 0.0.5 is on github:

I added a new feature, which is handy when only season packs are available for certain TV shows. You can now choose to download archives with multiple files, when available. However only files matching the current episode code (SxxExx) are returned. All other files are discarded.

Please test.
Using manual search I'm getting an error and don't downloads any subtitle.


Error related with params["find"]

I get the error Failed to Download Subtitles.

I'm using (XBMCSetup-20140130-e55212c-master) for Windows.
I get the same error as Mafarricos
Thanks for your report. This should be fixed now.
seems to be working Smile
Thanks for a fast fix Smile

I have another problem to report. It seems that it can only download one subtitle, if I watch another movie or episode and download a subtitle, then it wont show up. I have to restart XBMC to get it to work again.

Can also add that I have tried opensubtitles and it works everytime I download a subtitle.

Here is the log for first download that is working: http://pastebin.com/nLpAXbTZ

And here is the second download that is not working: http://pastebin.com/K07AdZhs


Edit: Using latest nightly XBMC
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