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rpgmaker Offline
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(2017-07-24 20:41)tvl2386 Wrote:  Okay... Did some troubleshooting and I think openelec/kodi is missing some SSL/TLS features:

I modded the geturl method in /storage/.kodi/addons/service.subtitles.subscene/resources/lib/ (line 105) for debugging:
except ValueError as e:
log(__name__, e)
Instead of:

Doing `curl` works, so I am thinking it has something to do with python and SSL...
To be continued.
Thanks for looking into it! Let us know if you find a solution please... subscene is so much better than opensubtitles.
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tchirou Offline
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Are you all on kodi 17.3 ?
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tvl2386 Offline
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I have kodi 15.2...

I've patched very ugly so I have search results again... But downloading doesn't work yet.
I thought geturl() was used everywhere but has a download() function that also does https calls.

Maybe I should update openelec/kodi first ^^

EDIT: Gonna reinstall my RPI2 with OSMC and newest kodi I think
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