OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
(2013-07-24, 14:21)popcornmix Wrote: core includes the L2 cache that the ARM uses, so does make a noticable difference.
For arm speed, arm_freq is most important, then core_freq, then sdram_freq.

Thanks for the info.


I tried


and it was OK playing video and audio files but then I tried to view a picture (bmp) (all from the internal USB) and it took a long while to open and shortly after XBMC restarted, with that "Remote Communcation Server - Failed to connect" error again (what is that about anyway?).

Unfortunately I'd just turned debugging off so the log probably isn't very useful

Even with only


I found it still restarted when I pressed back to exit from viewing the picture.

I tried re-enabling Debugging and then it was restarting XBMC just navigating to the folder on the USB, without even opening the picture but when it restarted Debugging was off again (it was also asking if I wanted to keep this resolution when going into settings as well) so I had to enable it and reboot. After that, it seems OK when navigating to the pictures folder, viewing pictures or pressing back to exit the slideshow but it's still a bit worrying that this happened and I'm not sure it's stable enough to hand over to my brother yet..

If it was just a software bug I'd probably give it to him as I can always tweak it remotely but for all I know it could be the board can't handle overclocking and as you know, XBMC really needs it to be overclocked to be bearable so if that is the problem, I might need to try another board to find one that works stable overclocked.

(2013-07-24, 19:37)MilhouseVH Wrote: If you're bumping up your sdram_freq, you probably also want to increase your over_voltage_sdram to avoid memory corruption.

Thanks for the tip. I'm going to concentrate on getting it stable with just the arm_freq overclocked for now, then try the others.

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