OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
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Updated Gotham Branch

after hard setup of this build and testing a longer time can say this build works well here.
It was bit hard to setup because NTP (time) only worked with update. Maybe best way is to use 3.0.6 then make your time settings and update.
(also tryed out to edit or overwrite guisettings.xml but wasn´t working).

Channel switching times are perfect and i find out, liveTV is 100% lipsync only if i use mp2 audio.
after noticed the a/v difereces (this was driving me crazy) i tryed out several tv cards,pvr backends and distros. Also tryed out to tune A/Vsyncs in XBMC but thinking this make it more worse.
Today i noticed that streams come out from my tvcard in different audiotyps. So used mp2audio for stantard and all my livetvstream was in sync Big Grin
this cost me hours.

My other card (Technotrend) got stange artefact but this maybe was not an proper setup.
New Spinner looks nice and i think its a bit faster than stock

things to improve:
bluethoose seems to be not working
var/settings/conf in bootup
picture-bug (this is fixed in Frodo builds)
don´t know why can´t connect putty, or ssh sometime (first have to test this again)

so rbej your changes are great, can´t wait for your next build

btw: does this means we can do menu sounds ?

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