OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
Ok that's odd.. If it just been sitting in the pi. Mine was/is also brand new 16GB Kingston class 10 but clearly bad buildt, once I taped it together again it works great so it was just the case the innards are super.

The soldering will probably work fine depending on how well your soldering skills are, you should be able to get even solder on each point, maybe its enough to give it some solder and then suck it back up using either a tin sucker or better some fine copper mesh. If you put that between the contact point and the solder iron tip the copper mesh will draw all excess solder of the contact point and you will have a nice thin even layer, the question is if that is enough. :/

Also those big contact points will draw heat fast to the inner parts, the pcb below, and the plastic separating the points so be quick as you can. I don't expect you can take it apart while doing it to have more control?

You can always experiment on a old pice of electronics with about the same exposed copper as the sd card and see how it behaves.

Good luck mate.. Smile Like to hear how it goes if you take the jump.

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