OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
Much bugs. Sorry.
Sadly, the August 8 build does not remedy the MythTV seek/skip issue, and introduces new problems that I had not previously observed:
1. FF no longer works (in MythTV, anyway - I did not test elsewhere). The 2x FF is, in fact, less than 2x FF. Each time you press FF again (to double FF speed) the video returns to the beginning of the recording.
2. Audio in some media plays only from left channel. Of the three videos I tested:
- a locally streamed (NFS) DIVX/MP3 video played both channels;
- a locally streamed AVC1/AAC played only the left channel;
- a remotely streamed h264/AAC (Free Cable addon) played only the left channel
3. Worst reboot freeze ever. Previously, on a fail to reboot, it would just kill and restart XBMC. This time, it also froze on the XBMC splash screen. Had to reboot from SSH.
4. MP4s with chapter markers display that they are in chapter 0, and pressing chapter skip takes you to the beginning of the movie (note: I have seen this before).
5. MythTV still broken, as previously described.

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