OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
Just had a weird bug. I booted my RPi without my PC on, so it couldn't get the EPG from Mediaportal, so I went to Settings - TV and did Reset EPG database (even though I've got "Do not store EPG in the database" set, as this just seems to double the start-up time for no discernible benefit) and I think I saw it say "Resetting EPG" or something and then the screen went black for almost two minutes (10:02:55 - 10:04:46 judging by the log) before coming back where it was before.

I'm currently running an overclock of 1000/333 and overvoltage=6 but I don't think this seems like the sort of thing that might be caused by overclocking.

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