OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
(2013-08-09, 12:39)unix72 Wrote: I play with openelec/rbej build already for some time.
until rbej build 31.7.2013 i can play a SBS3D film on my NON 3D TV without any problem (only 1 Picture on screen)

After that I couldn't see any 3D Film any more. There's always 2 Picture on screen.
I already try to set the 3D mode at Watch as 2D, but it still shows 2 pic. on screen.

could someone help me and tell me, what have I done wrong?

Many thanks and sorry for my bad english. I hope
you could understand me.

EDIT: I use Gotham Build

Try to set the 3D mode to "None".
This helps me to make my 3D TV to switch automaticly to 3D mode and if turn the 3D mode on tv off, i see the Movie in 2D.

if that fails, rename a part of the movie to "xxxx3DSBS.mkv" or "xxxx3DTAB.mkv (bei HOU movies)..

This helps on my and my girlfriends pi (none 3D TV) to watch in 3D automaticly or in 2D.

And you MUST under Palyback the "Adjust display refresh rate" set to ALWAYS otherwise he didnt recognise the 3D on my pi and plays it only 2D. But maybe, in your case i could help to turn off to see 2D. Must try these possibilities Wink


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