OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
tested Rbej-Version-Gotham-Branch(18.08.2013) a little and can say,

have to change guisettings.xml for correct timezone,
liveTv OSD is cut off (figured out this must be confluence bug, other skins don´t have this),
when using plugins that switch Container.SetViewMode XBMC is rebooting.
Also when OE is started see a line mkdir error (this wasn´t there in firstboot).

Another thing for me is, i found no way to make all my live tv audio setting mp2 as default. I have to do this in every channel seperatly.

Except that little things this is a nice build.
Greatest for me in Rbej Versions is ultra fast channel switching.
Off cause like other tweak too.

Thx for all your work.

btw is it possible to install another (stock)skin.confluence to tryout if OSD working propper there.
Are there any Rbej Build spezial skin.confluence versions ??

had little problems from bootup, it stocks in confluence backdrop and menu bar was not visible, i used
killall -9 xbmc.bin and it was working again
will report if i find out more about that

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