OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
(2013-08-20, 16:30)popcornmix Wrote: Does seeking forwards by 10 minutes result in the "resume" behaviour when file was initially started from beginning?

Yes - a big step forward (which seeks to about 3 minutes into the movie) results in playback with the codec info showing B 0%/vq: 0%/ vb: 9830400. Then 5-10 seconds afterwards a brief stall (maybe a stutter) occurs but no buffer fill, playback continues for another 5-10 seconds with vb bouncing around between 9830400 and about 7230000, and then a complete stall with vb dropping down to zero while the buffer fills to 100% before playback continues.

(2013-08-20, 16:30)popcornmix Wrote: Does seeking to beginning result in the "beginning" behaviour if initially resumed from middle?

Yes - seeking to 0:00:00 from another resume point results in the buffer filling immediately upon playback from the new seek position.
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