OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
(2013-08-22, 08:18)rbej Wrote: Updated Gotham Branch

- updated Xbmc Gotham

- [utils] Speed up url processing on music library

- [rbp/omxplayer] Improve the player diagnostics overlay

- [rbp/omxplayer] Avoid too many calls to GPU

Thanks. This has fixed the reboots when changing view mode I was getting Smile

I'm still having a couple of issues though:

1) skiplusand skipminus not working properly whilst watching movies.The log shows

15:04:03 T:3060539392 DEBUG: LIRC: Update - NEW at 892332:197 0 KEY_NEXT devinput (KEY_NEXT)
15:04:03 T:3060539392 DEBUG: OnKey: sleep (0xdf) pressed, action is SkipNext

15:04:07 T:3060539392 DEBUG: LIRC: Update - NEW at 896658:19c 0 KEY_PREVIOUS devinput (KEY_PREVIOUS)
15:04:07 T:3060539392 DEBUG: OnKey: pause (0xdd) pressed, action is SkipPrevious

(SkipNext does nothing and SkipPrevious goes to the start of the Movie, which is obviously a bit annoying)

even though I've got

<skipminus>BigSkipBack</skipminus> (I tried nop as well)

set under <FullscreenVideo> (and Global)

and Lircmap.xml has


2) The other issue I have is with the TV EPG. When first opened without TV playing, selecting a channel starts TV and goes fullscreen but if I open the EPG whilst TV is playing and select a channel, it changes channel but stays on the EPG and I have to press Back to go to Home and then Back again to go fullscreen (I have Red set to Fullscreen but that doesn't work from any of the PVR pages either). These EPG issues aren't present in Windows XBMC.

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