OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
Is anyone else seeing tracebacks written to /var/log/messages repeatedly with a Gotham build? See pastebin.

Not sure how they are being triggered, but it looks vgecnmd related. I do have my "monitoring" process running which makes repeated vcgencmd calls. The traceback references lirc_dev, and I'm using an IR USB dongle (VRC-1100 remote), but not really sure if this is relevant.

My Gotham build is from OpenELEC master, plus newclock3 omxplayer patches, GUI patches from stupid-boy and sort/filecache/music library speedups.

Edit 1: I originally had the "[ffmpeg] Backport of h264_find_start_code_candidate optimisation" patch in my build, but still see these tracebacks without this patch.

Edit 2: I've been able to reproduce with some success as follows:

1. tail -F /var/log/messages

2 If using NFS, wait a minute or two to ensure playback can be started reliably (see: post#408)

3. Run the following command on the Pi TWICE in a second and third ssh window:
while [ true ]; do vcgencmd measure_clock core;  done

4. Drill into your files or library, and play a movie/tvshow (mike7's test movie should be sufficient). Playback will be very jerky, but that's to be expected.

5. When playback has finished, wait a short while (up to 30 seconds) and traceback messages should now begin to appear in /var/log/messages - if traceback messages don't appear, repeat step #4 by re-playing the movie through again. Sometimes traceback messages will start to appear during playback.

6. Interrupt the commands started in step #3, and the traceback messages will stop being written to /var/log/messages.
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